Jane Spiro

Of Jane’s previous collection, ‘Playing for time‘, Roselle Angwin wrote: ‘What shines through this collection is Spiro’s warm engagement with the world. Whether she’s talking about or to another human, reflecting on a church or a Norman castle, or speaking to a deer struck by her car, there’s a kind of clear-sighted perceptiveness that is always refracted through the lens of her humanity and compassion. Below that is a keen love for the world; one that is willing to be hurt by and to heal through the things of the world, without the author falling into sentimentality.’

Jane’s second Oversteps collection, ‘is a gateway‘, continues to tackle large issues, juxtaposed with cameos of intimate daily life. Often bringing to notice the horrors of war and discrimination, she also rejoices in the small beauties all around us.

is a gateway
Sample poem: Icescape
Oversteps publications
is a gateway (2018)

Playing for time
Sample poem: Violin romance
Oversteps publications
Playing for Time (2015)