Alwyn Marriage

Alwyn MarriageAs well as her earlier poetry collections, ‘Beautiful Man’ (Outposts Publications) and ‘Touching Earth’ (Oversteps Books), Alwyn Marriage has written two non-fiction books and edited the highly-acclaimed Collins anthology, ‘New Christian Poetry’. She has been a university philosophy lecturer, editor of a journal and chief executive of two international literacy and literature NGOs, and she took over from Anne Born as Managing Editor of Oversteps Books in 2008.

Alwyn gives regular poetry readings, and accepts commissions for new work or to run workshops.

Sample poem: Tsunami
Sample poem: Ski scene
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Oversteps collections

Touching earth (2007)

festo  (2012)

Words known more deeply than thought or memory,
creating in secret the context of identity:
important, trivial words that change the world,
like goodnight, and I love you.

from “by heart”

Recent news

  • A number of Oversteps poets will once more be reading at the Poetry on the Lake festival in northern Italy. Elisabeth Rowe will be launching her new book; and Alwyn Marriage will be taking part in a panel discussion on poetry publishing.

    [5-Sep-19 ]

  • Alwyn Marriage’s first novel, ‘Rapeseed’, was published in March 2017, followed in April by her latest poetry collection, ‘In the Image: portraits of mediaeval women’.

    [21-Apr-17 ]

  • Alwyn Marriage was shortlisted in both the Poetry on the Lake competition and the Paragram Paradox competition

    [10-Nov-16 ]

  • A poem by Alwyn Marriage is one of five commended poems in the South Bank poetry competition.

    [28-Aug-16 ]

  • Alwyn Marriage has been longlisted in the Paragram poetry competition. Final results awaited.

    [28-Aug-16 ]