Maggie Butt

Maggie ButtMaggie Butt has produced historical documentaries for BBC TV, and is now Associate Dean at Middlesex University.

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Ally Pally Prison Camp (2011)

Recent news

  • With the aid of the Heritage Lottery Fund, ‘Ally Pally Prison Camp’ by Maggie Butt has now been made into a film.

    [28-Feb-15 ]

  • Three Oversteps poets, Maggie Butt, Mandy Pannett and Ken Head were commended in the Poetry Kit Poetry Competition.

    [10-Dec-13 ]

  • Congratulations to Jean Atkin, Rebecca Bilkau and Maggie Butt, who all achieved success in the Magma poetry competition. Jean Atkin’s collection, ‘Not since last time’, will be published by Oversteps in February.

    [6-Feb-13 ]

  • Maggie Butt gave two presentations on her book, ‘Ally Pally Prison Camp’ at the Open Day at Alexandra Palace on 27th September. Both were extremely well-attended and greatly enjoyed.

    [18-Sep-11 ]

  • ‘Ally Pally Prison Camp’ by Maggie Butt, is on the Poetry Kit ‘five books for summer reading’ list; and Maggie will be giving a talk on her book for BBC Radio London’s Arts and Cultural programme this coming Monday afternoon.

    [6-Jul-11 ]