Rebecca Bilkau

Rebecca BilkauRebecca Bilkau has published two collections with Oversteps. Born and bred in England, Rebecca now lives much of the time in Germany,and her poetry sometimes wrestles with the difficulties, joys and challenges of this dualism. There is also much warmth and humour in her work.

Weather Notes
(2012) Of Rebecca Bilkau’s first collection, ‘Weather Notes’, Carol Coates wrote: ‘This collection displays an imaginative alertness to the fragility of life combined with an almost painful sense of its value. Rebecca excels in her evocation of landscape and townscape and in the way she makes relations between past and present.’

Instructions for a quiet life
Sample poem: Nana swears
Oversteps publications
Instructions for a quiet life (2018)

Weather Notes (2018)
Sample poem: The neck of him, watching the news
Oversteps publications
Weather Notes (2012)

Recent news

  • Sue Davies won 3rd prize in the Wilfred Owen competition, and Rebecca Bilkau was a runner-up.

    [15-Oct-14 ]

  • Rebecca Bilkau was a runner-up in the Wilfred Owen poetry competition.

    [21-Sep-14 ]

  • Rebecca Bilkau has recently been shortlisted for both the Sentinel Poetry Prize and the Plough Poetry Prize.

    [13-Feb-14 ]

  • Congratulations to Jean Atkin, Rebecca Bilkau and Maggie Butt, who all achieved success in the Magma poetry competition. Jean Atkin’s collection, ‘Not since last time’, will be published by Oversteps in February.

    [6-Feb-13 ]