Miriam Darlington

Miriam DarlingtonMiriam Darlington’s poems have appeared in journals and anthologies across the UK. She is an English teacher and lives in Devon where she also works as a freelance writer. She performs at open mic events, at festivals (recently at Glastonbury) in a duo called ‘The Honeytongues,’ and is a member of Moor Poets, a group of writers from Dartmoor.

Sample poem: In this Bowl

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Windfalls (2008)  OUT OF PRINT

It’s that dangerous-red-feeling; that tonight
why not make it hot? thing, and you reach
for that squeaky red leather skin -
that bright-red-slapper-red, like
the red heels you dream of; red

                  to topple over in…

From “On cooking with chilli peppers”