Jennie Osborne

Jennie OsborneJennie’s work has been widely published in national magazines, and she is well-known as a poetry performer, particularly in the South West. How to be Naked was her first collection, and this is now followed by ‘Colouring outside the lines’.

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Oversteps publications

Colouring outside the lines (2015)

How to be Naked (2010)

“Her voice is lyrical and poised, and her ear is tuned to the musicality of language. A lovely collection.” Penelope Shuttle

“A highly original voice is at work here, with nuance, depth and music that ignites the imagination with a range of amazing imagery and often great tenderness, beautifully composed. There is so much to excite and move the reader.” Julie-ann Rowell

Extract from “Sighting”

You may mistake it for a low-lurking sun, scarfed in haze
as it hangs, pulsing amber, above the rockline.
Watch as it sweeps its wings back
like an arrowhead at rest,
catches a current, somersaults
on the edge of belief.

Recent news

  • Jennie Osborne was commended in the Second Light competition

    [10-Nov-16 ]

  • Jennie Osborne was a runner up in this year’s Troubadour competition.

    [7-Nov-16 ]

  • Jennie Osborne has won the Ware sonnet prize, and been shortlisted in the Grey Hen competition.

    ‘How to be Naked’  OUT OF PRINT

    [25-Jul-16 ]

  • Jennie Osborne has won the Kent and Sussex Poetry competition with her poem ‘First to Blink’.

    [27-Mar-15 ]

  • Simon Williams and Susan Taylor are launching a new poetry publication next month, called ‘Broadsheet’. The first issue will include poets reading at the Exeter Poetry Festival and poets from Devon and Cornwall. The Oversteps poets represented in this first issue are: Jennie Osborne, Rebecca Gethin and Alwyn Marriage.

    [13-Sep-13 ]