James Turner

James Turner stands in the long tradition of sonnet poets, but there is a surprising amount of variation in both the form and the content of his sonnets. James is already well-known as a performer in the West Country, but this book will bring him to the attention – and admiration – of readers far and wide.

Sample poem: London, after looking into Jung Chang’s Wild Swans

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    After another successful Oversteps Day at Ways with Words in July 2022, we now look forward to a reading by six Oversteps poets at the new Totnes and Bridgetown Festival. Monday 22nd August, 6.00pm – 8.00pm at Eastgate Bookshop, Fore Street, Totnes. Come along to hear Chris Considine, Ian Chamberlain, Alwyn Marriage, Dana Littlepage Smith, James Turner and Simon Williams. Refreshments provided.

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    Sadly, all readings and launches scheduled for the next few months have had to be cancelled or postponed because of the corona virus. We look forward to getting back to our public events when life eventually returns to something like normal.

    In the meantime, readers may be interested to have news of the latest novel by Alwyn Marriage: ‘The Elder Race’.

    [16-Apr-20 ]

  • James Turner has been appointed the Exeter Slam Champion 2014/15, for his poetry and performance.

    [28-Feb-15 ]