Glen Phillips

Glen Phillips Glen Phillips is a nationally and internationally published Australian poet, Adjunct Associate Professor of English at Edith Cowan University, Director of the International Centre for Landscape and Language and author and editor of numerous books. His poems and stories have been published in more than 50 journals, anthologies and newspapers around the world and translated into several languages. He has written both about and with the poet John Kinsella.

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Oversteps publications

Singing Granites (2008): poems of Devon and Gondwanaland by Anne Born and Glen Phillips, jointly published in Australia and the UK

Recent news

  • Australian poet Glen Phillips, who co-authored ‘Singing Granites: Poems of Devon and Gondwanaland’ with Anne Born in 2008┬áhas now had some of the poems from that book translated into Chinese, and they are included in a new bi-lingual Chinese-English poetry book published in Mudanjiang China.
    [13-Jul-11 ]