Bill Headdon

Bill HeaddonBill Headdon was born in North Cornwall, one of twelve children, he trained as a mason/bricklayer and now lives in Kent. An award winning poet, he has been widely published in magazines and anthologies with poets such as Hardy, Causley, Clemo, Hughes, MacDiarmid, Motion, and others; Picardy.Com is his sixth collection of poetry. He founded and edited LINKS Magazine, and was also an assistant editor of Envoi.

Sample poem: Gran’s Cosmetic

Oversteps publications (2003)

We pass him (her?)
at the Dom’s North door, where children,
waiting to be taken in crouch down,
concerned at his (her?) position -
sitting, face partly hidden
by a scarf, head slumped
    on his (her?) shoulder.

extract from “A Beggar’s Boots”